Jata is a Spanish supplier of small electrical appliances and housewares. The products range covers the areas of beauty, kitchen, household, leisure and medicine.
The manufacturer makes the Mediterranean flair in the design of the products incorporated with.

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DOMOCLIP ®: Products in bright colors and great design make your household appliances an experience.
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With Beauty, the Spanish company Jata rises also in the personal care segment.

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BESTRON is an internationally brand and stands for modern, high-quality electrical household appliances. Not only the 5-year warranty but also the many official test results confirm the quality of Bestron products.

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Beem is a manufacturer from Germany and has high as visually appealing products in its range.

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Harper is a small domestic appliances brand, which consists of 9 areas. It ranges from
Floor care about preparing food to personal care.

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Kitchencook is a brand that specializes in on multifunction robots and other innovative kitchen equipment.

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